I was born in Buenos Aires and lived there
until I was 24. Then, in 1990, I moved to Italy in search of my roots.
But when I got to Italy what I found, part by luck part by chance, is a passion for earth – clay. This opened a whole new world to me, a whole new world full of emotion and creative tension.
Here I learned new techniques and working styles that gradually became part of my own personal language of ancient modernity, in which the 'tierra' where I grew up became part of the soft Italian hills where I now live.
I work as a creative director, illustrator, designer and sculptor in various fields: silver, resin, plastic, ceramics, metals, glass, lighting, illustration and fashion.
In 2008, after a series of projects with a number of Italian and international ceramists and artists, I started Terre d’Autore, my own ceramics workshop where I hope to capture emotions and experiences and turn them into unique original pieces.
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Terre d'Autore ® by Sergio Raul Cingolani
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